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Liberals Must Start Listening on Climate

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 5 August 2021

Tags: Climate Change, Native Forest Logging, Forests, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

The two consultation reports released yesterday by the Gutwein Government once again confirm overwhelming support in the Tasmanian community for ambitious climate action, and the widespread understanding this must include both stronger emissions targets and an end to native forest logging.

The ‘Commissioner for Children and Young People Ambassadors Climate Change Consultation Summary’ report lists banning native forest harvesting as a key action point, and highlights the need to drive down emissions from industry and agriculture.

The ‘What We Heard’ consultation report also emphasizes the importance of forest protection and much stronger emissions targets. 

These reports demonstrate that people of all ages and all walks of life understand the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency. They recognise Tasmania is already experiencing the impact of global heating, and are demanding action, not words.

Tasmanians are understandably sick and tired of government inaction, delays, and excuses at both the State and Federal level. They want to see strong emissions targets for each sector of the economy, and a transition away from the destructive, polluting practices that are fueling the climate crisis – such as native forest logging.

Tasmania has an opportunity to be a beacon to the rest of Australia, and the world, in taking real climate action. By doing so, we will not only reduce our own climate impact, but help influence positive change elsewhere.

It’s the responsibility of all political leaders to deliver this change, and ensure a safe future for our island home.

The Greens call on the Premier and Minister for Climate Change, Peter Gutwein, to put ideology aside, to start listening to scientists and to the community, and to take real action on the climate emergency.

As a starting point, he should consider support the Tasmanian Greens’ Safe Climate Bill 2021, which sets out a clear, achievable path for bringing down emissions from all sectors, as well as robust processes for adaptation planning and preparedness.