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Liberals Selectively Quote Deloitte Report

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 18 January 2016

Tags: Treasury, Employment, Jobs

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson

In the finest tradition of political propagandists, Treasurer Gutwein is using the latest Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook Report to pretend the Liberals in government are responsible for Tasmania’s relatively solid economic performance.

The Deloitte report makes it clear that the Hodgman Government’s policies have had zero impact on improved economic conditions in Tasmania.  This is probably why it has been so selectively quoted by the Treasurer.

Deloitte explains that the decline of the mining boom on mainland states has lowered interest rates, the Australian Dollar and exchange rates.  This has led to improved trading conditions for Tasmanian exporters along with increased commercial construction, tourism numbers and international student enrolments. 

This is all great news for Tasmania but it has nothing to do with the Liberals’ policies.  The Treasurer sounds a bit desperate and silly when he tries to claim credit for forces beyond his influence.

ABS data has shown for some time that employment numbers started lifting in December 2013, before the Liberals took office, but employment growth has since slowed down and levelled out.

Never ones to let the facts get in the way of good spin, the Liberals continue to falsely claim significant jobs’ growth and claim credit.

Instead of focussing on the short-term and being deliberately misleading about the state of Tasmania’s economy, the Treasurer and his colleagues need to heed Deloitte’s insights about the ‘slow growing’ Tasmanian economy and start working on tangible, long-term strategies - which genuinely leverage off our clean green brand and the competitive advantage it give us - to deliver sustainable prosperity in to the future.