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Liberals Supertrawler backflip = Support for Geelong Star

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Tags: Super Trawler

The Hodgman government has broken faith with the Tasmanian people yet again by failing to support a Greens’ motion seeking to reaffirm the previous tripartite position of opposing supertrawlers in Australia’s small pelagic fishery.

“What a gobsmacking sight, to see Jeremy Rockliff virtually roll out the welcome mat for the Geelong Star,” Greens Leader and Primary Industries spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“This Liberal backflip will not be forgiven by the thousands of Tasmanians, environmentalists, commercial and recreational fishers who have campaigned long and hard on this issue, and believed the Liberals stood with them.”

“The Liberals stand exposed for their slippery and deceitful treatment of the Tasmanian community’s concerns about  protecting our fisheries from supertrawlers.” 

“This is a disgraceful display of saying one thing in Opposition to convince people they are worth voting for, then turning around and doing the opposite once they’ve secured power.”

“Lets be clear, the 2012 motion for which the Liberals voted in support did not specify a supertrawler size, and did call for no supertrawler activity in state and Australian waters.”

“Barely days after the Geelong star breaches its conditions and kills four dolphins and two seals on its first fishing trip in Australian waters, and the Hodgman Liberals backflip on their previous no supertrawler position.”

“Sadly the Liberals are responsible for shredding the previous Tasmanian tripartite position of opposing supertrawlers in state and national waters.”

“In a grossly hypocritical move the Primary Industries Minister moved an amendment to the Greens’ motion which virtually gutted its intent, and inserted weasel words which are the equivalent of supporting the Geelong Star’s operation.  The Greens refused to support the amendment,” Mr Booth said.