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Lightrail Campaign will Continue

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Saturday, 31 May 2014

Tags: Hobart Light Rail

The transformational benefits of Hobart light rail are at serious risk after new Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding today confirmed that he would not be proceeding with the Riverline proposal and instead referring it to the yet to be established Infrastructure Tasmania.

"Mr Hidding's announcement that the government would do nothing more to progress Riverline is clear proof that for the Liberals, transport is all about cars and roads,” said Greens Infrastructure spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"The so-called referral to an organization which does not even exist shows a complete lack of leadership and vision.”

"This is simply Mr Hidding's way of trying to kill off the project while getting someone else to do the dirty work.”

"Riverline needs champions, not plodding Ministers who are ideologically wedded to cars and roads.”

"I still have no doubt that Riverline will one day proceed under a more enlightened Minister, and Hobart will see the transformational environmental, social, economic, and productivity benefits that will flow from the project,” Mr McKim said.