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Local Aboriginal Footy Round

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tags: Aboriginal Tasmanians, Sport and Recreation

Kim Booth MP today took the opportunity in Parliament to congratulate the Rocherlea Football Club (RFC) on hosting their annual Aboriginal football round on the weekend.

Coinciding with the AFL indigenous round, the Rocherlea Tigers took on the Deloraine Roos on Sunday the 1st of June, utilising the day to highlight cultural awareness, recognise the contribution of indigenous football players and others to the national game, and to encourage tolerance and dispel racial discrimination in sport and the community.

“I had the pleasure of attending the game at the RFC on Sunday which included a magnificent display of traditional Aboriginal dancing, as well as inspiring words from guest speakers such as Gilbert McAdam, Jeff Goolagong, and Chloe Cunningham.”

“The speakers were great, with Gilbert and Jeff speaking of their experience as indigenous sports professionals, and Chloe giving a heartfelt speech about her experience with teenage bullying and the parallels she recognised between her plight and that of the indigenous community past and present.”

“The RFC put on a fantastic day, with their renovated club and new facilities a particular highlight, and I congratulate President Scott Mclean, as well as Mr Graeme Gardner, who were largely responsible for the organisation of such a successful and worthwhile event,” Mr Booth said.

Text of motion tabled today by Kim Booth MP:

That this House; 

  1. Recognises the annual indigenous football round hosted by the Rocherlea Football Club on Sunday the 1st of June 2014 that saw the Rocherlea Tigers take on the Deloraine Roos;
  2. Congratulates the Club on what was a fantastic display of cultural awareness and recognition of the need for the community to embrace it’s indigenous members as well as promote the need for tolerance and removal of racial discrimination;
  3. Congratulates the Club further and in particular, Mr Graeme Gardner and President, Mr Scott McLean, for bringing together current and former sporting greats, such as Gilbert McAdam who played for the St Kilda Football Club and the Brisbane Football Club, as well as hosting Daniel Motlop who lined up for the Seniors game;
  4. Notes the contribution of one the day’s key speakers, Miss Chloe Cunningham, and her recognition of the past and present plight of indigenous members of the community and likening their issues to her own harrowing experience of constant and ongoing bullying as a teenager, including the resultant physical and psychological effects;
  5. Congratulates Chloe on her bravery and determination to overcome the ill effects brought on by her experience, and for her beautiful and inspiring words to the guests on the day;
  6. Congratulates the Club on the magnificent work undertaken on their rooms and facilities and for what is becoming a top grade venue for football and other recreational activities; and

Further, that this House:

  1. Notes the Liberal Government’s promise to fund the Rocherlea Football Club in order for them to complete the renovations and improvements at the Club and calls on Treasurer Peter Gutwein MP to expedite the release of those funds.