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Macquarie Wharf Woodchip Madness

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Friday, 30 January 2015

Tags: Woodchips, Macquarie Point

The people of Hobart and Southern Tasmania are entitled to know whether or not the Hodgman Government is serious about exporting woodchips from Macquarie Point and whether it would in fact mean up to 50 000 log truck movements through the city of Hobart each year, Greens’ Denison MP, Cassy O’Connor said today.

“Every thinking citizen of Hobart knows it’s a dumb idea to export woodchips from Macquarie Point but, like the Hobart City Council and other key stakeholders, they’re being left in the dark by this government,” Ms O’Connor said.

“The world market for native forest woodchips has crashed but the Resources Minister, Paul Harriss, wants to flog a dead horse and make the people of Hobart and southern Tasmania pay for his head-in-the-sand approach to his portfolio and the future of forestry in Tasmania.”

 “There has been deafening silence from Mr Harriss on what his half-baked plan would mean for the waterfront and the city of Hobart.”

“How many log trucks would be trundling through the city each day if Macquarie Point becomes a woodchip export facility?”

“Is it 50 000 log truck trips in and out of the city of Hobart?”

“The projected 50 000 annual log truck movements equates to more than 130 daily log truck trips through and around the city.  This represents a potential threat to commuter safety and public amenity, as well as a dirty, polluting taint on the image of Hobart as a modern, cosmopolitan and clean city.”

“Imagine what interstate visitors enjoying the next MOFO festival will think while they try to enjoy the music and entertainment as a steady stream of log trucks trundle through the city to the waterfront.”

“Come on Minister.  Tell us the truth.  Are you serious about doing this to our beautiful city?” Ms O’Connor asked.