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Medicinal Cannabis Inquiry Submissions Due

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tags: Medicinal Cannabis, Health

Tasmanians are being urged to get behind the growing momentum for medicinal cannabis, and to lodge a submission with the Legislative Council Parliamentary Committee Inquiry which closes tomorrow.

“We know there is large and growing public support for medicinal cannabis to be legalised for the sick and suffering, as well as strong support for research trials to be conducted in Tasmania,” Greens Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said.

“Now is a fantastic opportunity for the many Tasmanians who consider it to be common-sense to legalise medicinal cannabis to stand up, be counted and have their say.”

“So far the Liberal government has been woefully out of step with the community they should be representing, and unfortunately we cannot rely on common sense winning out at the end of the day.”

“For those Tasmanians sick and suffering, or those watching their loved ones suffer without adequate relief, and to ensure Tasmania is positioned to leverage an emerging job-creating new industry, the Greens are urging people to seize this opportunity and write to the Parliamentary Inquiry supporting progress on legalising medicinal cannabis.”

“As reiterated by the Committee Chair on ABC radio today, submissions do not have to be long or technical. The Greens have released a Submission guide to help people make informed comment, in which we stress that a personal genuine letter is just as valid,” Ms O’Connor said.