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More Tasmanians Out in Cold

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 2 April 2015

Tags: Housing Waiting List

Just over a year in the job and Human Services Minister, Jacquie Petrusma, has presided over a massive blowout in the public housing waiting list from a low of 2054 in 2013 to a high of 2948 disadvantaged Tasmanians waiting for housing as at December 31 last year, Greens' Human Services spokesperson, Cassy O'Connor MP, said today.

"The quite alarming 43.5% increase in the waiting list and the longer times taken to house applicants are inexcusable and an indictment on this government's priorities.”

"When the Greens held ministerial responsibility for Housing, waiting lists came steadily down to the lowest level in a decade. Barely a year in Government, the new Liberal Minister has presided over a 43.5% jump in these lists - a detail Ms Petrusma failed to mention in her 'answer' to a Dorothy Dixer question on the Human Services Progress Chart in Parliament today.”

"To have almost 900 more people waiting for housing in a single year cannot be explained only by the introduction of Housing Connect, another reform of the previous government.  Minister Petrusma needs to provide a detailed explanation on how this has happened to Tasmanians in need."

"The blowout in the waiting list for public housing now parallels the blowout in the waiting list for elective surgeries, making very clear where the Liberal Government's priorities don't lie - with Tasmanians in need."

"What the 43.5% increase equates to in real terms is an extra 894 people - young families, pensioners, homeless youth or victims of family violence who are waiting and waiting and waiting, without a secure home," Ms O'Connor said.


DHHS Human Services Progress Chart