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Andrea Dawkins

Mountain Bike Tourism Needs Wilderness Protection

Media Release - Friday, 15 July 2016, Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Tourism spokesperson

The government's support of mountain bike tourism is wonderful. We're hopeful they're finally getting the message that Tasmania's economic future doesn't lie in outdated and unviable industries, but in the modern tourist market.

It's our wilderness and modern adventure tourism that people travel to Tasmania to experience, as well as our gourmet produce. It's our clean, green and wild brand that visitors are so attracted to.

If we are to capitalise on the tourists who come here for our wilderness, we have a responsibility to protect it.

Derby is a good example of a regional town that has been transformed by a new market. Mountain bike tourism is booming because of the rugged and wildness of its surrounds.

Derby residents had to fight for over a year to have the forest along the Blue Derby trails protected, the same trails hosting the MTB Enduro World Series. While those tracts of forest are safe from logging, it's sadly too late for the Mutual Valley.

Mountain biking has boosted the local economy significantly and brought the Derby region to life. We hope local Liberal members will realise these forests are worth far more standing.