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Newnham Police Station Concerns

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tags: Police, Community Safety

Police Minister, Rene Hidding must commit to consulting with local communities over any plans to downsize or close local police stations, Greens Leader and police spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Residents in Launceston’s Northern Suburbs are raising concerns over the potential closure of the Newnham Police stations, and the lack of information forthcoming,” Mr Booth said.

“Minister Hidding needs to detail any process undertaken to assess the ongoing viability of the station, and come clean on whether this is just a cost-saving measure without any impact assessment on the community being undertaken.”

“Minister Hidding needs to urgently consult with residents, stakeholder groups and community centres in the Northern Suburbs if his Department is looking to close their local Police Station.”

“Community groups and other social services in that area have worked very hard over the years to combat crime and other anti-social issues, and they at least deserve to have an input into a process that could well affect the work they have already undertaken or impact on the services they deliver.”

“Likewise, there are concerns about a potential sudden drop in Police presence and I am aware that over the years the Officers stationed at Newnham have developed a rapport with many locals, including those who may themselves have had brushes with the law.”

“Given the work put in by many different people and groups in the Northern Suburbs to improve their community it would be a complete snub by the Liberal government to simply shut shop at the Police Station without even having as much as a conversation with the locals on the ground,” Mr Booth said.