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No Action on Swift Parrots

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tags: Extinction, Threatened Species, Environment, Native Forest Logging, Swift Parrot

Environment Minister Matthew Groom today washed his hands of the endangered Swift Parrot despite evidence that his department is ignoring its own expert advice about logging its habitat.

“The Minister basically washed his hands of this beautiful little bird and backed in the logging industry to keep destroying its habitat, despite admitting that it is down to 1000 breeding pairs at best,” Greens Environment spokesperson Nick McKim MP said.

“Blaming his department is the sign of a weak Minister who does not seem to understand the Westminster doctrine of Ministerial responsibility.”

“The Greens motion today would have ensured a moratorium on logging swift parrot habitat, but unfortunately it looks like its descent towards extinction will continue under Mr Groom’s watch.”

“Despite the swift parrot being listed as a threatened species at state and federal levels, the logging industry wins again in Will Hodgman’s Tasmania,” Mr McKim said.