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NSW Moves on Medicinal Cannabis

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tags: Medicinal Cannabis

Tasmania's position on medical cannabis looks increasingly out of touch, with the New South Wales’ Liberal Premier, National Party Deputy Premier and Labor Opposition Leader all giving provisional support for medicinal cannabis, Greens Health spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“The intransigence of Will Hodgman and his Minister, in blocking the proposed Tasmanian medical cannabis trial, is holding Tasmania back when we could, and should, be leading the nation,” Ms O’Connor said.

“Conservatives such as NSW Premier Mike Baird, and his National Party Deputy Andrew Stoner have today publicly backed legalising medicinal cannabis.”

"Given the Greens, and Labor support there is a strong possibility the NSW Parliament will pass such legislation this year.”

“We should be positioning Tasmania and our primary industries sector to at least be able to provide a safe and regulated supply of purpose-grown medicinal cannabis as national markets inevitably become established.”

“The Hodgman Liberals have been left in the dust not only by their NSW counterparts, but also the Huon Valley Council, Derwent Valley Council, Northern Midlands Council, the Dorest Council, the local poppy industry, the TFGA, and the increasing number of members of the public getting behind this compassionate approach and economic opportunity for Tasmania."

"The Greens remain hopeful that the Tasmanian Premier and his Ministers will reconsider their position on medical cannabis," Ms O’Connor said.