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Ogilvie Needs To Rule Out More Greyhound Deaths

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 16 March 2023

Tags: Greyhound Adoption Program, Greyhound Racing, Animal Welfare

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

A leaked document obtained by greyhound welfare advocates has revealed the Liberal Government’s plans to make major changes to the Greyhound Adoption Program – including scrapping their ‘no kill’ policy.

They’ve caved to pressure from an industry that routinely brutalises dogs.

Following the 2016 Greens-led Parliamentary Inquiry into greyhound industry, the Liberal Government accepted the recommendation to move towards zero euthanasia in the industry. The leaked document – sent to GAP staff, without any consultation - shows that policy will be abandoned, and many more dogs will be killed as a result.

Until the industry is shut down, these gentle dogs will keep being injured, disappearing or killed on and off the track.

The planned changes to GAP set out in the leaked document look set to undo any modest improvements made in recent years. It will set Tasmania back a decade or more on greyhound welfare.

This wind-back of bare-minimum welfare standards, lobbied for by an industry that’s based on cruelty, will see more dogs sent to an early death. Apparently having an utterly hopeless Racing Minister to push around was all the opportunity the industry needed to get their way.

Anyone watching Minister Ogilvie’s performance would be entirely unsurprised by the government moving to further undermine the welfare of greyhounds. Ms Ogilvie relishes the opportunity to swan around at the race track, while shamefully ignoring animal welfare and treating advocates with distain.  
We urge the Minister to listen to advocates and the community, and rule out the planned changes to GAP or hand over the portfolio to someone who will.