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Parliament Challenge for Liberals

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 24 November 2014

Tags: State Budget

The hallmarks of the Hodgman government’ first parliamentary period following the election is a return to the bad old days of community division, revenge driven politics, and a state’s public sector in disarray, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“This final parliamentary sitting week for 2014 offers the Premier an opportunity to pull back and undo some of the division and damage that his gung-ho government has done,” Mr Booth said.

“Due to the Liberals’ revenge slash and burn of the state sector, this week will see public sector workers resort to stop work meetings at a scale this state has not witnessed for years.”

“If Will Hodgman fails to instruct Mr Gutwein to shut down his guillotine, instead of shutting down the public sector, then any disruption caused by industrial action is the clear responsibility of the Premier and the Treasurer.”

“Given the Treasurer has claimed to have ‘ended’ any state recession, there is no excuse to not leave the targeted 266 teachers in our schools, and the other state sector workers in their roles delivering services to the community.”

“The revenge myopia will also be evident with the amended, discredited and unworkable anti-protest Bill, which any self respecting Premier would require be withdrawn from the Parliament.”

“To finish this year’s parliamentary session on a positive and inclusive note, the Premier should focus on initiatives which draw on Tasmania’s strengths and bring the community together, instead of wasting the Parliament’s time and resources on this divisive and damaging Bill.”

“The Greens will be utilising to the best of our capacity this final sitting week to speak up for those who have become silenced and sidelined over these first months of a Liberal majority government.  We will pursue, amongst other issues, job cuts, ‘unique’ development proposal assessments, and forestry matters.”

 “Here’s the challenge to the Premier.  Mark this year’s last sitting week by working with Tasmanians rather than trampling the rights of anyone who is not a member of the big end of town,” Mr Booth said.