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Plenty of Division in Premier's State of the State but No Vision

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tags: Environment, Fish Farms, Climate Change

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens' Leader

Parliament was subjected to a stream of self-congratulatory guff from the Premier today, as he delivered his third State of the State address that was big on rhetoric and lacking in substance or vision.

Having savagely cut the Health and Education budgets in his government's first year, the Premier now wants Tasmanians to believe Health and Education are key priorities of his government.

From forests, to fish farms and the cable car, the Premier's speech contained a recipe for plenty of community division over his government's agenda.

The Premier has made it clear that on environmental issues, his government is not to be trusted.

Mr Hodgman's speech blindly backed in salmon farm expansion on the East Coast and the reckless logging of high conservation value forests. 

In doing so, the Premier is continuing his government's deafness to community concerns over environmentally destructive Liberal policies.

More than 40 minutes in length, the Premier's speech made no mention of the single biggest challenge facing Tasmania - climate change. 

We still have yet to see a climate plan from this government or a plan to move towards 100% renewables despite the shocks and costs of the Basslink crisis.

We have just endured the hottest year and the hottest decade in human history.  Tasmania and its people are already hurting as a result of global warming.

It is simply irresponsible for any government in the 21st century to not deliver a plan to ensure emissions' reduction and to give communities the tools to adapt to climate change.

The failure to deliver a coherent climate plan is an indictment on this government and a crime against current and future generations of Tasmanians.

The Premier talked about Tasmania's 'competitive strengths' and the value of its brand, but his government does not understand a brand must have integrity.  For Tasmania's brand to continue to underpin tourism and exports, the Liberals need to stop their wilful vandalism of Tasmania's incredible environmental assets.