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Pokies Losses Unacceptable

Cassy O'Connor MP

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tags: Pokies

The latest poker machines losses figures reveal Tasmanians lost $17, 203, 985 for the month of January this year, an increase on the December losses.

“From January last year to January this year Tasmanians have lost a total of $208, 427 035 on poker machines,” Greens Gaming spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said today.

“Much of the money these insidious machines eat is coming out of areas of socio-economic disadvantage and not being spent putting food on the table, heating homes and buying clothes for children or supporting local businesses.”

“It is also very disturbing that these latest figures reveal an increase in losses from the previous month.  These dollar figures are heading in a potentially more dangerous direction.”

“We know poker machines are a favoured mode of gambling for problem gamblers.  We also know that for every problem gambler other family members, friends and work colleagues also suffer as a result of that person’s gambling addiction.”

“Yet the government continues to pay lip service to the damage caused by poker machines, still content as Liberal and Labor parties have been for nearly two decades, to just let the cash from gambling taxes keep rolling in to government coffers.”

“Sadly, while this dependence on gambling revenue exists and while Labor and Liberal parties continue to receive donations from gambling entities, we will never see substantive action from government to tackle the scourge of poker machines.”

“This year’s Australian Electoral Commission disclosure of political donations for 2013-14 revealed that Federal Hotels donated $20, 000 to the State Liberal Party and $25, 000 to the Tasmanian Labor Party.” [1]

“The Greens will continue to work towards the roll back of poker machines in pubs and clubs, and also to legislate a ban on political parties accepting political donations from gambling companies,” Ms O’Connor said.