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Political Appointee in Coordinator-General's Office

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Thursday, 19 March 2015

Tags: Coordinator-General

Premier Will Hodgman has serious questions to answer after he was forced to admit that the Attorney-General’s former Chief of Staff is working in the Office of Coordinator-General while remaining on a Crown Prerogative contract with his former rate of pay.

“The taxpayer is being ripped off by between $50 000 and $100, 000 per annum to feather the nest of a former Liberal political staffer at the same time Mr Hodgman is sacking hundreds of teachers and nurses,” Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP said.

“Information provided during Budget Estimates committee hearings last year reveal that the former Chief of Staff’s pay was between $190, 725 and $220, 284 per annum.” 

“But the Premier today confirmed that that Mr Clues is still on that salary despite his current position being advertised for between $123, 745 to $142, 307 per annum.”

"Was Mr Clues induced to resign as Dr Goodwin's Head of Office by offering him a job that should have gone to one of the many state servants this government has placed on the unallocated list?"

“This situation also requires the Premier to ensure there is nothing illegal or untoward in having someone on a Crown prerogative contract managing or directing state servants.”

“Will Hodgman has been caught out ripping off taxpayers and indulging in jobs for mates yet again, and he must explain why the Attorney-General’s ex-Chief of Staff is still on a Crown Prerogative contract despite now being employed in the Office of the Coordinator-General,” Mr McKim said.