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Political Donation Disclosure Reforms Stalled

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tags: Political Donations, Electoral Reform

The Attorney General has made it clear that the Hodgman government is going to continue to hide political donations behind a veil of secrecy by refusing to introduce long-overdue state-based political donations disclosure laws.

“There is no excuse for Tasmania to keep lagging the rest of the nation when it comes to having transparent modern and democratic state-based disclosure laws in place,” Mr McKim said.

“The nation is watching appalled at the sleazy donations deals being uncovered by the NSW ICAC, and Tasmania is vulnerable to similar, or worse, behaviour occurring here given our legislative vacuum.”

“Last year saw the Lower House pass legislation which would have made a good start at a state-based disclosure regime, yet the Attorney-General has refused to commit to reintroducing similar legislation.”

“Local government representatives are also calling for these democratic reforms, with the Hobart City Council publicly declaring its intention to lobby the government.”

“Tasmanians deserve a modern, rigorous real time political donations disclosure regime, and we all should know who has given what to whom when we next go back to the polls.”

“Instead the Hodgman regime is content to keep the veil of secrecy drawn across their dodgy financial deals,” Mr McKim said.