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Protect the Tarkine for NW Jobs and Environment

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Friday, 10 February 2017

Tags: takayna / Tarkine, Forests, Native Forest Logging, Threatened Species, Tourism, Jobs, North West Tasmania, Wedge-Tailed Eagle

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Tourism spokesperson

Today's news that Forestry roading in the Trowutta Blackwood forests directly threatens nesting habitat for the Wedge-tailed eagle is alarming.   All practices must be stopped immediately and a full investigation undertaken.

Breeding habitat of one of the State's iconic and endangered species is being directly threatened. This strengthens the case to protect the area.

The takayna/Tarkine, home to many threatened species, is in danger of being trashed in the Liberals' blind political agenda.  They also risk the potential tourism jobs and flow on benefits it creates.

People come from across the globe hoping to see Tasmania's unique wildlife.  Wedge-tailed eagles, Tasmanian devils, Grey goshawks, Spotted-tailed quolls and the unique, blue Giant freshwater crayfish are a big part of why tourists come to the island.

One of the major risks to the Wedge-tailed eagle's survival is nest disturbance and habitat destruction.  Still the Liberals push ahead with their destructive plan to log the Tarkine forests.

The Tarkine was voted by CNN as the world's number one wilderness.  Destroying it, and the breeding habitat of its threatened wildlife, risks damaging the State's tourism brand irreparably.

The Liberals' planned Tarkine logging will destroy threatened species habitat and biodiversity.  That loss comes at a cost to the potential for a sustainable tourism industry.

North West Tasmania can't risk destroying the Tarkine and the long term, sustainable tourism jobs it offers.  The Liberals must stop playing politics with jobs in the North West, and protect the tourism gem that is the Tarkine.