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Protection Needed for Medicinal Cannabis Users

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tags: Medicinal Cannabis, Health, Police, Primary Industries, Controlled Access Scheme

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens Primary Industries spokesperson

While the Hodgman Government has committed to implementing a controlled access scheme for medical cannabis that begins in 2017, many Tasmanian patients currently accessing cannabis for medical needs are unprotected by the law.

There are currently patients who face charges and convictions over their medical cannabis possession and use in lieu of the government controlled access scheme.

Many Tasmanians suffering chronic conditions and terminal illnesses have exhausted all other options and are forced to use medicinal cannabis.  It was heartening to hear the Premier's comments about ensuring those Tasmanians are supported, but in reality they are unprotected by the law.

The Greens' motion debated today would've initiated a register of medical cannabis users quarantined from prosecution until the scheme is in place.

We're disappointed the Liberals didn't support our Motion, but are pleased to hear the Police Minister's commitment to investigate the problem. 

We look forward to hearing the government's progress on the matter, and hope they consider a register as a matter of urgency.  There is no need for the chronic pain of medicinal cannabis to be prolonged by fear of criminal charges.