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Public School Funding Fears

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tags: Education, Budget Cuts

Department of Education figures released to the Greens under Right to Information legislation show that Minister Jeremy Rockliff has secretly increased funding to non-government schools while slashing funding for public schools by over $18 million.

"The Department's figures show that even allowing for a small increase this year to School Resource Packages, public schools have lost over $18m compared to last year, while non-government schools have had their state government funding increased by over $1.4m," said Greens Education spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"And that is not even factoring in the loss of pathway planners and the entire Guaranteeing Futures team or the massive reduction in IT support for public schools, both of which have shifted more costs out of the Department and onto schools."

"When asked about the figures in parliament this morning, Mr Rockliff initially said that funding for non-government schools had been decreased, but then later tried to claim that they had got 'less than they expected'. Well Minister, which is it?"

"The fact is that Mr Rockliff has been caught out secretly increasing funding for non-government schools, making a mockery of Premier Hodgman's claim that his government is transparent."

"This is Liberal ideology writ large. They are hard wired to look after the people who need it the least by penalizing those who need it the most."

"How is Mr Rockliff going to face public school parents and staff now that he has been caught out increasing funding for non-government schools, while public schools are right now being forced to cut literacy and numeracy programs, music, drama, camps, excursions and a range of other vital programs thanks to Mr Rockliff's ideologically driven attack on their funding," Mr McKim said.