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Public Sector Cuts

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tags: State Budget, Public Service

The Hodgman Liberal regime is clearly positioning itself to scapegoat the state’s public sector workers in this week’s State Budget, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Given the range of pre-budget announcements, including both bad news and sweetners, it is unacceptable that the state’s public sector workers have to wait until Thursday before they know how many of them will lose their jobs,” Mr Booth said.

"We all know the Budget papers will be at the printer by now, we all know the Treasurer knows the number of public sector job cuts but instead of providing clarity now, the Liberals are deliberately dragging out the secrecy and stressful uncertainty.”

“This cynical secrecy is not the behaviour of a responsible transparent or accountable government.”

“There is no justifiable reason for the Treasurer to continue to withhold the exact impact his budget will have on the state’s public sector and the services those workers deliver to the community. Instead it is clear the public sector is be slashed and burned to pay for the Liberals’ irresponsible election spending spree.”

“There is no justifiable explanation for the Treasurer’s sudden back-flip that to extend returning the budget to surplus beyond three years couldn’t be done without threatening the state’s credit rating.  Instead it is clear this was a deliberate fear-mongering deceit told to Tasmanians to justify slashing and burning.”

 “The bottom line here is the Hodgman regime is exposed for peddling false promises and fear-mongering to get themselves elected.” 

“They bought their way into power by refusing to review their irresponsible election promises splurge, always intending the public service would be cut to pay for them, while also blustering that the budget must be returned to surplus within three years or the sky would fall in.”

“Now they are exposed for misleading the public, they run for cover and refuse to front up and offer a decent explanation.”

“The Hodgman regime will discover they cannot continue to treat Tasmanians with such contempt,” Mr Booth said.