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Public Sector Pay Freeze Indefinite

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Tags: Public Service, Legislation, Wages

The Liberal government is clearly intending to extend the public sector pay freeze beyond the announced 12 months, and to do so without bringing any extensions back to Parliament, given the Premier’s refusal during Question Time today to rule out doing so, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“The Premier, Will Hodgman, refused to take the opportunity provided by the Greens to rule out any extension of the 12 month pay freeze by regulation, as the Liberals’ Crown Employees (Salaries) Bill would allow,” Mr Booth said.

“Mr Hodgman’s refusal to provide a guarantee that should he genuinely believe an extended pay freeze is warranted, he would have the guts and fortitude to bring such an extension back to the Parliament and have it properly and transparently scrutinised, was very telling.”

“Mr Hodgman’s refusal to rule out regulating by stealth to extend the pay freeze, is confirmation that it is part of the Liberals’ plan.”

“The Liberals’ Bill makes it clear that once it is law, it will override the independent Tasmanian Industrial Commission, and provide for any future changes to all current and future salary and salary-related allowances, to be made just by regulation.”

“This is an underhand and secretive way of sidelining the TIC and imposing a permanent public sector pay cut.”

“The Premier should treat Tasmanians with respect and have the guts to admit that the Liberals have no intention of restoring the pre-pay freeze salary and conditions to the Tasmanian public service workers,” Mr Booth said.