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Qantas Deal Concerns

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Monday, 22 September 2014

Tags: Jobs, Subsidies

Premier Will Hodgman must come clean on exactly how many jobs Qantas promised in return for the $10.9m deal with the Premier after Qantas appear to have ignored Tasmania in favour of creating new jobs in Auckland.

“The Premier was pretty quick to pat himself on the back when he announced the deal, so how does he explain how Qantas seems to have snubbed extra jobs in Hobart in favour of creating jobs in New Zealand,” said Greens Member for Denison Cassy O’Connor MP.

“The real question is how many jobs did Mr Hodgman actually create when he did the deal, and how many of these jobs will now be delivered?”

“On the face of it, Qantas appear to have played the Premier for a fool, which wouldn’t be so bad except we are talking about over ten million dollars in cash and lost revenue which belong to the people of Tasmania, not the Liberal Party,” Ms O’Connor said.