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Question Time Suspended

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tags: Parliament

For the first time in living memory the Speaker of the House of Assembly has been forced to suspend Question Time due to the behaviour of government Members.

"In my twelve years in parliament I've never before seen the Speaker forced to suspend the sitting of the House due to poor behaviour from the government," said Leader of Greens' Business Nick McKim MP.

"Government MPs today have shown how disrespectful, arrogant and out of touch they are with Tasmanians who expect better behaviour from their elected representatives."

"If Mr Hodgman cannot control his own MPs, how can he claim to have what it takes to head up a government?"

"The problem started when Minister for Education disrupted the House by bringing in a prop to bizarrely claim that Labor and the Greens were somehow opposed to the Gonski education reforms. That is not only highly disorderly, but entirely dishonest."

"The Speaker has confirmed that Mr Rockliff's behaviour was unacceptable, and he now has to take responsibility for the resultant chaos," Mr McKim said.