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Ralphs Bay Must Stay Saved

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP

Dr Rosalie Woodruff MP  -  Thursday, 8 October 2020

Tags: Ralphs Bay, Public Land, Crown Land, Environment

Ralphs Bay is public land, saved from private development by a fierce and dedicated community once before. Building a private pleasure boat facility on the natural foreshore is an entirely inappropriate use of Crown Land.

The Ralphs Bay public foreshore belongs to the local community - families in the area have used it for generations and they can’t be locked out. Any Crown Land development should benefit the public, but this proposal will only benefit one wealthy individual. 

As the previous canal estate proposal did, Mr Sultan’s jetty would potentially impact breeding habitat for critically endangered spotted handfish. 

Construction of Mr Sultan’s massive 67 metre steel and concrete berth for luxury motor yachts would involve driving 37 pylons into the river bed. This is a serious concern for the critically endangered spotted handfish. 

Nearby public boat ramps already provide residents with boating access to the river, and there are also pleasure yacht docking facilities available in the Hobart area. 

The local community have done their best to engage with Clarence City Council and the proponent, but their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. 

The community were clear a decade ago, and they are crystal clear and determined now – Ralphs Bay must stay saved. 

We urge all Clarence City Councillors to vote against this development application for this private pleasure boat facility on public land.