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Real Action Needed on Housing

Vica Bayley MP

Vica Bayley MP  -  Thursday, 16 November 2023

Tags: Housing, Housing Crisis, Housing Waiting List, Social and Affordable Housing, Rent Caps, Tenant Rights

Vica Bayley MP | Greens Housing spokesperson

The Liberals’ new housing strategy has a lot of nice words but will be meaningless unless it’s backed up by concrete commitments and action.

One of the key areas raised in the new housing strategy is the need to modernise tenancy laws to deliver “affordability, stability and security for renters.” It’s good to see the Liberals finally acknowledge this, but what are they actually going to do?

The organisations working on the front line of the housing crisis have called for key measures such as banning no-cause evictions and putting a stop to unreasonable rent increases, and the Greens have consistently fought for these critical reforms. But at every turn the Liberals and Labor have teamed up to block these important laws – leaving tens of thousands of renters worse off.

Amidst skyrocketing rents and devastating stories of hardship from so many Tasmanians, strengthening rental laws must be an urgent priority. Until we have actual legislation being tabled in debated in the Parliament, Tasmanians will have no trust the Liberals are serious about renters’ rights. 

Over a decade in government the Liberals have released countless glossy flyers promising the world on critical issues like housing and health, but things have only gone backwards. Why should we believe this strategy is any different?