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Real Youth Survival Report Demands Tripartisan Push to Raise Newstart and Youth Allowance

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Friday, 11 October 2019

Tags: Unemployment, Newstart, Young People, Poverty

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader and Human Services spokesperson

Young Tasmanians need a unity ticket across parties to get the Morrison Government to hear the compelling case for an increase in Newstart and Youth Allowance. The Tasmanian Greens stand ready to work with Liberal and Labor parties to get Canberra to listen.

Colony 47’s Real Youth Survival Report 2019, released as part of Anti-Poverty Week, paints a confronting picture of youth poverty.

The report’s heartbreaking stories make it clear many young Tasmanians are suffering, going hungry, risking homelessness, shut out of opportunity and in desperate need of support.

It’s clearer than ever we need to raise Newstart and Youth Allowance. Expecting young people to live on less than $40 a day is cruel, and in reality it means they can barely afford the basics, let alone to study or job seek.

I was humbled to stand with my parliamentary colleagues alongside the young people involved at the release of the Real Youth Survival Report today.

Young people are looking for leadership and it’s the responsibility of those in Parliament to be their voice.

In Tasmania, youth unemployment and disadvantage is felt deeply. Today demonstrates support can come from all parties. We hope today can be the beginning of a tripartisan push from Tasmania to raise Newstart and Youth Allowance.

We hope we can work with Labor and Liberals, as united voice for young Tasmanians to Canberra. We owe it those young people living below the poverty line to, together, call for change.