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Record Support for Marriage Equality

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tags: Marriage Equality, LGBTI

A new Crosby Textor poll on marriage equality has shown a record 72% support in Australia, with support for the reform doubling since 2004.

“The new poll clearly shows that parliaments are falling well behind public opinion on marriage equality, which now has massive community support,” Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP said today.

“It is rare to see this level of support for any reform in Australia.”

“The poll also showed that marriage equality has majority support among Catholics, Anglicans and non-Christian religions.”

“The High Court has not ruled that states cannot legislate for marriage equality, and if the Commonwealth parliament won’t act it will be up to the Tasmanian parliament to take the lead.”

“Marriage equality would strengthen the institution of marriage, and remove legally entrenched discrimination against same sex couples. It is time for politicians to catch up with the views of the people,” Mr McKim said.