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Respect Voters' Decision

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tags: Parliament, Democracy, Political Leadership

The Tasmanian Greens Party is clearly the only State political party prepared to respect the democratic will of the voters, said Greens Leader Kim Booth MP.

“There are many global examples of modern political parties delivering stable and productive parliaments utilising a range of power-sharing models to reflect and implement the will of their voters,” Mr Booth said.

“The childish ‘all-or-nothing’ stance of the Tasmanian Liberal Party, and now again the Tasmanian Labor Party according to recent media reports mooting a self-imposed ban on power-sharing in the future, has nothing to do with what is best for the State but everything to do with self interest.”

“Sadly there is nothing new in these latest reports, it is just the Labor Party reverting to type.  Who can forget the anti-democratic pledge to not work with the Greens that Jim Bacon required Labor candidates to sign way back when?”

“Refusing to accept the responsibility to implement the result of democratic election process is extraordinary hubris and arrogance.  Any Party that puts its own self-interest over that of the voter deserves to languish in Opposition for decades.”

 “Clearly, the Greens are the only Party committed to respecting the result of a democratic ballot, and prepared to accept the responsibility of doing the hard yards to implement it,” Mr Booth said.