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RET Jobs Threat

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 18 August 2014

Tags: Renewable Energy

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP today slammed the Abbott government’s threat to the Renewable Energy Target (RET), saying it was a threat to Tasmanian jobs and called on Premier Hodgman to take a stand in support of renewable.

“Make no mistake, this ideological move to dump the RET will cause job losses and damage to the Tasmanian economy as well as hold back action on climate change,” Mr Booth said.

“The RET has been the engine driver of investment and jobs in the energy sector as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  It is good for the environment, good for jobs and ultimately drives down the price of power.”

“The Abbott government clearly do not want the community to be able to access cheap power or in fact generate their own, which has been one of the RET’s significant achievements.”

“Liberal Premier Hodgman must stand up for Tasmanian jobs and lobby Abbott to abandon this disastrous ideological campaign,” Mr Booth said.