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Revised Estimates Report 2014-15

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Tags: State Budget, Treasury

The release of the Revised Estimates Report 2014-15 was a missed opportunity for the Treasurer, Peter Gutwein, who failed to provide a detailed breakdown of job cut targets, despite calls for greater transparency, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“These latest figures show that the Liberals’ single-string bow of cutting jobs and services, will not grow the economy on its own but risks the continual undermining of community and business confidence,” Mr Booth said.

“Treasurer Gutwein once again failed to provide the comprehensive information at the departmental level, appreciating privacy considerations, necessary for people to be able to measure job cuts against projected targets.”

“As of the 31st of December 509 FTE positions have been cut, but we still don’t know from where, and nor do we know how the remaining 300-odd jobs to be abolished by July will be targeted.”

“Which areas within Health were hit to provide the 168 jobs gone?  How many of Education’s 180 job cuts saw teachers removed from the classroom?”

“Tasmanians deserve to know where those jobs are coming from, how they are identified, and how delivery of community services will be impacted.”

“The Liberals have not even met their target of 800 FTE positions gone by July, yet are blaming the deterioration of $14.3 million in the Net Operating Balance on the unexpected cost of redundancies in some agencies.”

“This highlights the lack of any real strategic restructure plan underpinning these punitive public sector worker cuts.”

 “It is deeply disturbing that there is no plan to capitalise on the areas of economic recovery underway prior the last election, and nor is there any understanding by the Treasurer that his slash and burn approach is undermining those areas of recovery.”

“This Report raises more questions than it answers, and highlighted the disturbing lack of vision by the Hodgman regime to grow a robust economy,” Mr Booth said.