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Revisit Budget to Save Jobs

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Tags: Public Service, Jobs

The Hodgman government’ failure to revisit its Budget expenditure to prioritise finding alternatives to cutting 860 jobs in eight months, exposes that their real agenda is to slash and burn the public sector no matter what, Greens Leader Kim Booth MP said today.

“It is clear from the tenor of the Treasurer’s letter to Unions Tasmania, dated the 21stof October, that Peter Gutwein is setting up the public sector unions to fail in their quest to save jobs, and to be the scapegoats when the fallout of cuts begins to hit,” Mr Booth said.

“This stand-off between the Hodgman regime and the public sector unions is solely of the Premier and the Treasurer’s making.”

“It is obvious to all Tasmanians that it is the Hodgman government which is behaving in a nasty, unco-operative, and unconstructive manner, not the unions.”

 “If the Hodgman regime had any respect for the hard-working Tasmanians delivering services to the community, they would be revisiting and revising their budget election expenditure in order to save jobs.”

“Anyone knows that successful and genuine negotiations require give and take by all parties involved.  Clearly this is why Peter Gutwein is arrogantly refusing to enter into negotiations as he expects Tasmanian workers to do all the giving while he does all the taking.”

“A real leader and statesman would sit down with the unions, and explore all options instead of hiding behind this arrogant and dismissive megaphone diplomacy of ministerial statements and high-handed written correspondence.”

“Peter Gutwein is clearly too scared to sit down with the unions, as he knows his unilateral ultimatums will not withstand the test when put up against other reasoned alternatives.”

 “The Liberal government as the employer of our hard-working public sector workers has a duty of care and responsibility to explore all options to maintain jobs and work conditions for their employees, and that includes genuine good-will negotiations,” Mr Booth said.