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Rockliff Fails to Explain $188K Payment to TasTAFE CEO

Andrea Dawkins

Andrea Dawkins  -  Thursday, 2 November 2017

Tags: TasTAFE, Education, Integrity Commission

Andrea Dawkins MP | Greens' Education spokesperson

The TasTAFE Annual Report was belatedly released today, outside the statutory time frame and at the end of the sitting week, revealing TasTAFE's former CEO received a $188 000 separation payment despite being the subject of a damning Integrity Commission investigation initiated by the Greens.

Education Minister, Jeremy Rockliff, today clung to Mr Conway’s contract but refused to table it and could not coherently explain the $188,000 payment.

The Liberals refused to explain how Mr Conway’s contract awarded him such a large sum upon resignation, all funds that should be put into our education system for students’ benefit.

That the disgraced former CEO of TasTAFE and Acting Secretary of Education walked away from his position with a payout of $188 000 will be a cause of concern to the community.

Having been given no answers by the Liberals in Parliament, Tasmanians are left to put pieces together on this massive taxpayer funded payout despite evidence of misconduct.

The contract Mr Conway was employed under has been kept secret by the Minister for Education, as has an independent audit into TasTAFE. When you hide all of the details, it’s hard to escape the conclusion something is being concealed by government.

Tasmanians are being kept in the dark about the process which occurred after the Integrity Commission’s report was released.  There is a serious lack of clarity from Minister Rockliff on this issue.