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Rule out compulsory acquisition

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Thursday, 2 October 2014

Tags: Triabunna

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP today called for Premier Hodgman to unequivocally rule out compulsory acquisition of the site of the former Triabunna woodchip mill.

“Premier Hodgman’s weak leadership has got to a point where its now gone beyond a joke; its actually threatening jobs” said Mr Booth.

“He needs to rule out compulsorily acquiring the Triabunna mill site and let the owners get on with the very exciting job creating opportunities they’re going to provide for the East Coast.”

“Clearly investors are concerned about the negative signals being sent out by this weak Premier, who is behaving more like a bogan that a statesman and driving people who are here to invest in real jobs for Tasmania away from the State.”

“Mr Hodgman can’t just go around using his position of power to exert absolute power and threaten anyone who’s political beliefs don’t align with his.”

“An exciting project has been proposed for Triabunna that will bring jobs to the area and the Premier needs now to end the uncertainty and assure investors that the government will not act like some tin-pot, third world dictatorship and seize their assets if they disagree with their political beliefs.”

“I think its disgraceful that Mr Hodgman, as both Premier and Tourism Minister, will not even sit down and meet with the owner of the site, given the investment is rumoured to inject $60m into the State and provide over 200 jobs in construction alone.”

“The Liberals have really become a job destroying government and the Premier is going to have to accept responsibility if Mr Wood simply packs up his bags and walks away from this project” Mr Booth said.