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School Funding-Minister is all Over the Place

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tags: Education

Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff's claim that public schools have received an increase in funding beggars belief.

"If Mr Rockliff has increased funding for public schools as he claims, why are class sizes blowing out in public schools?"

"Does he think that public schools right around Tasmania are cutting literacy and numeracy programs just for fun?"

"Are public schools cutting music and drama programs and not going on school camps just to punish their students?"

"Are principals in medium sized schools now choosing to teach in the classroom just because they don't have enough to do?"

"Just this week on Parliament House lawns Mr Rockliff was apologizing personally to public school parents for cutting their funding, yet he is now claiming to have given them more. He's living in fantasy land."

"I dare Mr Rockliff to go out into public schools whose funding he has savaged and tell them they've got more money than they had last year. Now that would be worth watching," Mr McKim said.