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School Reforms Rushed

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Monday, 23 June 2014

Tags: Education

Tasmania’s public schools have been thrown into disarray due to Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff’s unnecessary haste and failure to consult with teachers and principals over the employment of extra literacy and numeracy teachers.

“Mr Rockliff’s failure to consult with teachers and school leaders means that schools will now have to find 25 teachers to fill in at very short notice, which will result in dislocation in classes and poorer outcomes for students,” said Greens Education Spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

“While we welcome extra literacy and numeracy teachers, this is a living, breathing example of more haste equalling less speed.”

“This is what happens when policy implementation is not thought through, and meeting a self imposed 100 day deadline is deemed more important than educating our students and working with the profession.”

“Clearly Mr Rockliff is more concerned with politics and media management than good outcomes in our public schools.”

“Many schools are already having trouble finding maths teachers with specialist training, and this rush job of a policy will only make things worse,” Mr McKim said.