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Scott Jordan Announced as Greens' Lead Candidate for Braddon

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Tags: takayna / Tarkine, North West Tasmania, West Coast, Tourism

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens' Leader 

As Greens Leader, I am today delighted to launch Tarkine defender, Burnie local and community volunteer, Scott Jordan, as the Tasmanian Greens' lead candidate for Braddon.

We are really happy and proud to have Scott represent us in Braddon.

Scott is a great Tasmanian who has devoted his life to defending Tasmania's environmental treasures, particularly the takayna/Tarkine.

He understands that protecting Tasmania's wilderness and clean, green brand underpins our island economy and that of the West and North West coasts.

At times, this has come at personal cost to Scott and his family but his tenacity has helped bring the wild landscapes and forests of the takayna/Tarkine to international attention.

Global media giant, CNN, has described the takayna/Tarkine as the world's number one wilderness, reinforcing that the future of the North West and West Coasts is in building an economic foundation on the region's wilderness brand.

The stunning, wild coastline of the North West and West Coast and public foreshore assets are also threatened by the Liberals' development-at-any-cost agenda. 

Only the Greens have highlighted community concerns about the loss of Crown Land and inappropriate coastal development in Parliament. 

It would be all the better if Scott Jordan were elected to be that strong, green voice in Parliament for Braddon at the next election.