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Shameful, Dangerous Liberal Fear-mongering on Human Rights Reform

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Saturday, 24 November 2018

Tags: LGBTI, Human Rights, Gender Identity

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

The Tasmanian Liberals are demonstrating their dangerous fear and ignorance of transgender and intersex Tasmanians.

Print media advertising authorised by the Liberal Party’s Sam McQuestin falsely represents this week’s historic vote to protect transgender and intersex Tasmanians from discrimination.

Transgender and intersex Tasmanians and the people who love them are being thrown under a bus by the Liberals for base political purposes.

It’s disgusting and it’s dangerous.

These changes will have no effect on 98% of the population but they will save lives.

Statistically, transgender and intersex people are at high risk of self-harm and suicide due to social ignorance and discrimination. 

The kind of ignorant, hateful language being spouted by the Liberals only causes harm to Tasmanians who already face an uphill battle for acceptance every day.

Premier Will Hodgman must disassociate himself from his party’s vilification of transgender and intersex people.

He needs to remind himself of his promise to govern for all Tasmanians, not just the hard Right of his party.

On behalf of the Greens, I want to reassure transgender and intersex Tasmanians and their families that we will always stand by them.