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Shree Minerals Drops Tarkine Mine Lease

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Friday, 1 August 2014

Tags: Mining, Economy, North West Tasmania, takayna / Tarkine

Shree Minerals’ welcome relinquishment of their Rebecca Creek exploration licence in the Tarkine, should now help focus efforts into genuine diversification of the north-west economy and local job-creating opportunities, Greens Leader and Mining spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“People have been warning all along that Tasmania should not be risking the integrity of the Tarkine, on the wild promises and false hope from the likes of Shree Minerals,” Mr Booth said.

“Already Shree Minerals’ track-record for delivery in Tasmania is looking very dodgy.  First they rejected reports of their intention to suspend mining at the Nelson Bay site, only to confirm the shut down a month later.  Now they have walked away from the Rebecca Creek site.”

“This should now make clear that these operators were only selling false hope, and that this is a narrow escape for the north-west from relying upon the unreliable.”

“We now need to seize this opportunity and consolidate real job creation through diversification and building on the strengths of the north-west that draw people from far afield.”

“Protecting the Tarkine, and establishing a genuine north-west icon will give the region a unique Brand to leverage for the growing wilderness experiences, adventure tourism,  fine food and produce industries.  The Tarkine brand is worth gold in its own right.”

“Tasmania has so much more to offer than holes in the ground.  Lets focus on boosting local industries which build on our strengths, create local jobs, and keep profits here.”

“The mining industry has a role to play in our economy, however we must accept that Tasmania cannot afford to put all our eggs into that sole basket, and we need to diversify our economy so we can withstand the boom-bust mining cycle,” Mr Booth said.