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Social and Affordable Housing Key to Recovery

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Sunday, 3 May 2020

Tags: Social and Affordable Housing, Housing, Housing Crisis, COVID-19

Cassy O'Connor MP | Social and Affordable Housing Key To Recovery

Significant investment in social and affordable housing would kickstart Tasmania’s social and economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

Master Builders Tasmania, representing a broad constituency of concern in the construction industry, are warning of a major COVID-19 slow down in new projects. The MBA fears hundreds of construction jobs could be in peril within six months.

Meanwhile, Tasmania’s stock of public and affordable housing remains far too low, and the factors that created the housing and homelessness crisis still exist.

We need to make sure we don’t walk ourselves straight back into a housing market that was leaving so many people behind. We can do better.

The profound economic slow down gives government a second chance to really get housing right so no one is left behind in the future.

Strong, sustained investment in well designed, energy efficient and affordable housing will help shape our society for the better.

In doing so, we’ll also be supporting a critical industry and ensuring hundreds of skilled Tasmanians keep their jobs in the construction sector