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Stadium Announcement a Betrayal

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Saturday, 29 April 2023

Tags: Stadium, AFL, Macquarie Point, Housing Crisis

Cassy O'Connor MP | Greens Leader

Today's announcement of $240 million in Federal funding for unwanted, unneeded Macquarie Point stadium is a betrayal of the Tasmanian people. 

Tasmania has the fastest growing rate of homelessness in the nation, and has in a handful of years become the least affordable place to rent a home.

Yet apparently both Anthony Albanese and Jeremy Rockliff think it's more important to put a roof over a billion dollar stadium than it is to put a roof over the heads of those living in tents, cars, and on couches. 

Overwhelmingly, Tasmanians don't want this stadium.

They see Tasmania lag the nation in so many areas of healthcare. They read the headlines about people dying while ramped or waiting for an ambulance, and they wonder how anyone could think a billion dollars would be better spent on a place to play footy we don't even need.  

The contempt for struggling Tasmanians was palpable with today's announcement by the PM.

While the poorest Tasmanians have seen the cost of housing grow 10 times faster than government income support, has the Premier taken the fight to Canberra to lift these appallingly inadequate payments? No, but he's been more than happy to fight for this unneeded, unwanted stadium and a debt that will be saddled on to generations of Tasmanians. 

Just imagine what could be achieved for our wonderful island home and its people if our Premier and Prime Minister were as passionate about delivering real outcomes for everyday Tasmanians as they are about this billion dollar white elephant. 

Jeremy Rockliff and Anthony Albanese might be celebrating today, but they can be rest assured that Tasmanians from all walks of life will make sure this terrible mistake is front and centre at the next State and Federal elections.