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State CDL Scheme Needed

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Sunday, 1 March 2015

Tags: Container Deposit Scheme, Environment, Plastic

On Clean Up Australia Day the Greens have highlighted the need for a state-based container deposit, or ‘cash-for-containers’ scheme, saying that Tasmania is falling behind other states.

“Last month NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird committed to introducing reverse vending machines for bottles and cans as part of a container deposit scheme,” Greens Environment spokesperson Nick McKim MP said.

“The NSW Liberal plan will see people get 10 cents per recycled beverage container, with 800 reverse vending machines installed in parks, popular beaches and public spaces, and the NSW Labor Opposition have also indicated their support for the plan.”

“It is estimated that this scheme will generate approximately $65 million each year for NSW charities, schools and sporting groups alone.”

“In contrast, the Tasmanian Environment Minister, Matthew Groom, has resorted to knee-jerk rejection and beverage industry slogans to knock back a similar cash-for-containers scheme for Tasmanians.”

“Minister Groom is once again exposed as out of touch and regressive, this time by his own interstate Liberal colleagues.”

“Queensland could also soon be set to have a similar scheme given the new Labor government’s commitment to supporting either a national scheme or the introduction of a state-based scheme.”

“South Australia, and the Northern Territory already have container deposit schemes in place, while both NSW and Queensland are actively exploring similar schemes. Tasmania needs to catch up to enhance our clean green reputation while cleaning up our beautiful state for visitors and locals alike,” Mr McKim said.