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State Political Donation Disclosure Reform

Nick Mckim

Nick Mckim  -  Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tags: Local Government Elections, Political Donations

The upcoming Local Government elections again highlight the need for the disclosure of political donations in Tasmania

“Tasmania is the only state without state-based donation disclosure laws for state and local government elections, which puts us out of step with every other state in the country,” said Greens Justice spokesperson Nick McKim MP.

"When ratepayers vote in October they will have no idea who has given how much to most candidates, but there is still time to fix the problem.”

“Introducing compulsory disclosure of political donations can and should occur in time for the upcoming local government elections, and would be a big step forward in strengthening public confidence in our democracy.”

“Local government has an increasing degree of responsibility for the administration and delivery of Commonwealth and State funds, yet Premier Hodgman’s bizarre priorities have seen attacks on freedom of speech and the right to protest, but absolute silence on informing voters about who is donating to political parties and candidates,” Mr McKim said.