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State Tripartite Delegation Needed to Lobby Canberra over Budget Cuts

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Monday, 19 May 2014

Tags: Hospital Beds, Federal Budget

There needs to be a state tripartite delegation to go to Canberra to present an united and coherent voice on behalf of all Tasmanians, in light of the Prime Minister’s refusal to hold a crisis COAG meeting over the Federal Budget, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Despite the extraordinary Federal Budget crisis meeting of, predominantly Liberal, Premiers and First Ministers on Sunday, Mr Abbott has arrogantly dismissed their call for an urgent formal COAG meeting,” Mr Booth said.

“Clearly, the States are on their own.” “Tasmania needs to up-the-ante, and the Greens are calling on Mr Hodgman to convene a tripartite delegation to go to Canberra and demand a meeting with Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey.” “A delegation of all three parties represented in the State Parliament, presenting a united voice on behalf of all Tasmanians, will send a loud and strong message that we refuse to be ignored by Canberra.” “Recent reports show we will lose at least $27 million from our health budget, and 197 hospital beds.  We will lose essential Gonski funding for our schools, housing funding, and support for our vulnerable, our youth, and our elderly.” “Tasmania has far too much to lose under this divisive and cruel Abbott budget. In contrast Will Hodgman has nothing to lose by pulling together all three political leaders and presenting a united front in Canberra fighting for the interests of all Tasmanians,” Mr Booth said.