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Statement from Cassy O'Connor

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Thursday, 13 July 2023

Tags: Political Leadership, Parliament

Cassy O'Connor

Today I have written to Her Excellency, the Governor, to tender my resignation as the Greens’ Member for Clark.

I am also, of course, standing down as Leader.

My colleague and friend, Rosalie Woodruff, will be Acting Leader until the Clark recount is complete and the outstanding Vica Bayley is elected.

This has not been an easy decision.  I just love my job, and especially in an exciting, dynamic balance of power parliament, but it is the right time to go.

It’s the right time for the Greens – we need renewal in the leadership and in the House of Assembly.

After 15 years as an MP and eight as Leader, it’s also the right time for me. I need a break, to clear some space on my brain’s hard drive, and to regenerate.

I leave knowing the Greens are in good shape, getting stronger by the day, and we will be in the best of hands with Rose, a Green of great courage and heart.

There are so many people to thank.

I want to thank Greens’ members for putting your trust in me as a candidate and elected representative.

I am so grateful to the people of Clark for believing in me, and voting for me, election after election.  I hope you feel I have honoured that responsibility.

I owe an enormous debt to the giants and inspiration of our party, Bob Brown and Christine Milne, without whom the Tasmanian Greens would not be what they are today.

I’m deeply thankful to all the amazing people I’ve met and learned from along the journey, and to the parliamentary staff who make it a pleasure to come in to the office each day.

I cannot properly express my gratitude to our parliamentary team, Rosalie and the awesome dedicated people we work with to represent Greens values and deliver real integrity in politics.

Finally, my undying gratitude to my beautiful family and great friends who’ve given me the love and fortitude to do this job.

As I said, we need renewal.

We also need more Greens elected in this era of unprecedented challenges on climate, nature and raging inequality, the corporate capture of the Liberal and Labor parties.

So, I’m not done yet.

I will be seeking preselection for the Legislative Council seat of Hobart. The major parties now have a majority in the Legislative Council. We need a Green upstairs, someone trustworthy and true.  I hope to be that person.