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Statement by Greens Leader Kim Booth MP

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tags: Political Leadership

Greens Leader Kim Booth MP has today announced he is resigning from the State Parliament, and as leader of the Tasmanian Greens effective Immediately, citing both family reasons and the need for Party renewal.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to serve the Greens in the parliament for the last 13 years and I have been humbled by the support given to me by our members," Mr Booth said.

“However since my father died on Sunday, I have taken the last few days to reflect upon how short a time we have on this planet, and the importance of using that time wisely to meet a variety of responsibilities to, and needs of, others.”

“In one way or another, I have been in public life for around 35 years, including as the President of Meander School parents and friends, Deloraine Council, Meander Valley Council for 10 years with a period as Deputy Mayor and finally State parliament.”

“To put it bluntly, I now need to put the needs of my family first, and I also recognise that by doing so I can provide opportunities to others to contribute within the parliamentary arena.”

“Party regeneration has always been an important strategy for me, and the death of my father has focussed my mind on the right time to encourage others to step up to the plate."

"I have come to the decision that I will not see out the next term of parliament, and therefore I believe it would be wrong to go to the next election as Leader knowing that I would be resigning."

"Nick, Cassy and myself have been a very strong and effective parliamentary team, proving yet again that the Greens punch above our weight, and I am confident that the new member for Bass will also make a great contribution to the team."

"I have been proud to play my part in advocating for a better world with a green future, and for a more transparent and equitable Tasmania."

"I leave Parliament knowing that one of the great support candidates for me in Bass at the 2014 election, will be an excellent member to keep flying the Greens’ flag."

"By leaving now this will give the new member for Bass three years to establish themselves and build a rapport with their electorate.  There are big challenges facing Tasmania into the future, and I am confident that the State Greens will continue to lead the way in charting a compassionate and green future for all Tasmanians."

"I an immensely proud of the courageous position that the Greens take in standing up for the community, for protecting our unique island’s natural and cultural heritage, and  particularly for advocating the need to meet inter-generational challenges."

"I also want to pay tribute to all of our supporters and members, in particular the Party Executive and Convenor Austra Maddox, and thank them for the support they have given me and the Parliamentary team, as well as keeping the Green Party wheels turning."

"I wish the new team all the best and am confident they will continue to do us proud."

“Finally I wish to extend a huge thank you to my staff, in particular CoS Cath Hughes whom has worked way beyond the call of duty."

"Cath’s dedication along with my personal staff, the late Jeremy Ball, Amy Tyler and Sherryl O’Malley have made the workload both possible and a pleasure. I just could not have dealt with the countless constituent issues and kept an open door policy for anyone in trouble, if it had not been for their support.”

Mr Booth cited standing up against corruption, holding the government to account, working with the community against the toxic Gunns’ proposed pulp mill in the Tamar Valley, campaigning against Native Forest wood chipping, cleaning up the Tamar river, campaigning for super trawler free seas, negotiating the establishment of an independent Energy Expert Panel, securing Tasmania’s GE-free status,  a moratorium on fracking and very importantly working towards a treaty with the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, as examples of key campaigns he was proud to have been involved in to secure Tasmania’s clean, green future.