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Stop Public Sector Cuts

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Sunday, 23 November 2014

Tags: Jobs

The Treasurer’s assertion that the Liberals have ‘ended the recession’ exposes Peter Gutwein’s guillotine hanging over the heads of the state’s public sector as an unnecessary and revenge driven sham, Greens Leader and Treasury spokesperson Kim Booth MP said today.

“Mr Gutwein cannot have it both ways. He cannot claim to have fixed a ‘recession’ over the last six months, during which the current number of public sector workers were employed, and then post-recession assert that over 820 Tasmanian jobs must be cut or the state finances will suffer,” Mr Booth said.

“The simple fact is that the recent State Accounts data shows Tasmania’s improved financial position occurred with the current number of teachers, nurses, police and emergency workers gainfully employed.”

“It may be that those 820-plus full time positions now threatened by Mr Gutwein’s guillotine contributed to the local economy and played a part in the state recording its strongest Gross State Product growth rate in five years.”

“If the Liberal-described recession can be turned around while the now targeted 266 teachers were still working in our schools, then let’s keep them there.”

“If the GSP growth rate can increase by over 1.2 per cent while Tasmanians could access current community services provided by the public sector, then let’s ensure that investment is maintained.”

“Instead of trying to claim credit for the welcome shorter jobless queues, Mr Gutwein needs to reassess how his plan to sack over 820 Tasmanians will undo all that hard work, and hurt the state’s unemployment rates, confidence, and local economy.”

“Mr Gutwein needs to cut the spin, not the workers. If the Treasurer wants to claim credit for the latest Bureau of Statistics State Account data, then he also must admit that his attack on the public sector is revenge and ideologically driven,” Mr Booth said.