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Super-Trawler on Horizon

Kim Booth

Kim Booth  -  Friday, 6 June 2014

Tags: Petuna, Super Trawler

Lessons need to be learned from the previous successful community campaign against the doomed attempt to have the FV Margiris super trawler by any fishing corporations attempting to utilise similar vessels to access Tasmanian fisheries, warned Greens Leader Kim Booth MP today.

“The Tasmanian community, local fishing businesses and recreational fishers will not tolerate a shred of secrecy when it comes to our marine ecosystems and fisheries,” Mr Booth said.“News that potentially another trawler operating under a flag of convenience could be steaming over the horizon will quite rightly raise concerns amongst many in the community.”

“Tasmanians who rely on our healthy and sustainable fisheries for their businesses and for recreation have every right to ask questions about any potential impact on the fish stock, terms and conditions of any approval granted by the federal authorities, and impacts on local economies.”

“Petuna, or any other company, need to heed the lessons of the fierce community opposition to the ill-fated attempt to allow the Margiris super-trawler into our fisheries, and recognise they have a responsibility to be genuinely open and up-front with the Tasmanian people.”

“The local fishing communities have demonstrated that they can see through spin, and half-baked pseudo arguments, and they will not be fooled.”

“Whether it is a 143 metres super trawler like the FV Margiris or 104 metres, there are valid questions about potential immediate and long-term impacts on our local fisheries, and any entity thinking they can just bring a huge vessel in without engaging with the community will only have themselves to blame should they find their plans veer off course and run-aground,” Mr Booth said.