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Takayna Being Trashed on Jaensch’s Watch 

Cassy O'Connor MP  -  Friday, 14 April 2023

Tags: Aboriginal Heritage, takayna / Tarkine, Treaty

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader and Aboriginal Affairs spokesperson

The takayna coast is lutruwita’s richest and most significant Aboriginal cultural heritage landscapes and among the world’s most significant archaeological sites. It needs be properly policed, and protected. 

When the Greens raised fresh allegations of illegal activity on the takayna coast in parliament last sitting week, the Aboriginal Affairs Minister disputed and minimised our concerns. The images released today, on top of the photos we had to hand two weeks ago, confirm there is regular, unmonitored illegal off-road activity. 

It's clear Minister Jaensch is too concerned with pleasing off-road vehicle lovers his electorate to do his job as Aboriginal Affairs Minister. 

The ongoing serious damage to irreplaceable Aboriginal heritage in takayna is another example of Roger Jaensch’s failure in the portfolio. This comes the day after key community Truth-Telling and Treaty group, tuylupa tunapri, expressed no confidence in Minister Jaensch.

Roger Jaensch couldn’t even bring himself to say the words ‘Tasmanian Aboriginal people’ in Parliament for fear of upsetting the Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation, of course he can’t take the necessary strong action to protect takayna

How can this government be serious about progressing Treaty and Truth-telling if they can’t even put the resources in to protect the Western Tasmanian Aboriginal Cultural Landscape National Heritage Area? 

If the Rockliff Government are serious about moving lutruwita forward on Treaty and Truth-telling, politics can’t be put first.  

If Roger Jaensch won’t do the decent thing by Tasmanian Aboriginal people and resign from the portfolio, the Premier should sack him.